Lightning over the Tatras

An exploration of national symbols in Bratislava.

Coming from Germany, where it is highly unusual to display your national identity, I wondered how other countries deal with this.

Which traditional symbols and images are most prominent in Bratislava‘s public space and Slovakian culture and how have they been re-interpreted?

Tattoo by a local artist.

Slovakias national colours.

The emblem of Bratislava in a local restaurant's entrance hall.

A traditional slavic pattern on the City Gallery of Bratislava

Tattoo inspired by traditional Slovakian pattern.

One of the many emblems on the city hall gallery.

St. Laurence’s Gate in the city. One of Brativlavas former four city gates during the middle ages. It is named after the nearby church St.Laurence.

a bag telling a slovakian story, sold in a store with modern clothing featuring slovakian history and traditions.

Tattoo on a local tattoo artist.